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DDVC winch

Product Code:TS-DDVC

A winch using a DDVC motorized hydraulic system

Using a DDVC winch makes it possible to lower measurement devices into the water while reducing the effects of ship movement. Conventional marine observation winches often use winch systems that use hydraulic control valves to control energy generated by a hydraulic pump. The Direct Drive Volume Control (DDVC) winch system does not use hydraulic control valves. Instead, it controls hydraulic energy using electrical power. This makes it possible to wind or unwind at a constant speed and perform fixed point observation at a stable depth.

DDVC winch

Complex electrical control is used to continually control hydraulic drive under heavy loads with a high level of precision. User-defined sensor signals can be used to automatically control the hydraulic winch. The only hydraulic pipes are those between the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor. This reduces the amount of hydraulic pipes on the vessel and the amount of hydraulic oil that is used.

DDVC winch

DDVC winch to compensate for the effects of hull sway.

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