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Hydraulic winch

Product Code:TS-PV

A winch with a high level of braking force for use in all types of marine observation

This winch provides smooth, continuous variable speed operation from low to high speed. A single lever is used to control both operation and braking. The winch drum and drive motor are integrated, producing the most compact and lightweight winch possible. A grooved drum can be used for regular winding. This makes it possible to speedily perform winding and unwinding without damaging the wire or cable.

Hydraulic winch

When using armored cable, use a grooved drum to prevent irregular winding. Regular winding can also be performed during repeated armored cable use by attaching a cable shifter. (Within the cable diameter thinning tolerance bounds.)


Type Drum capacity
Roll-up capability
TS-3PV 4×2200 3.4×80
TS-4PV 6.4×2000 4.9×80
TS-5PV 6.4×3000 7.8×70
TS-6PV 6.4×4500 11.7×60
TS-7PV 8×4000
TS-8PV 8×6000
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.