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Motorized hydraulic winch

Product Code:TS-2PN

A winch with an internal hydraulic power unit and a high level of braking force

This winch has an internal hydraulic power unit, so it requires no external hydraulic supply. Both wire winding and unwinding are controlled hydraulically, from low speed to high speed, with smooth, continuous variable speed operation. It has its own wire shifter, so it can coil wire uniformly. Equipped with a manual winding handle (optional), manual winding is possible even when power supply-related problems occur.

Motorized hydraulic winch


Type Drum capacity
Roll-up capability
Electric motor Size
TS-2PN 3×2000 1.47×65 3.7kW (W)930×(D)660×(H)1180
TS-2PN(B) 4×2000 2.15×65 5.5kW (W)1040×(D)780×(H)1300
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.