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Motorized winch

Product Code:TS-F

Powered by external electrical power alone

This winch is powered by electricity supplied by the ship. It can also be used on small vessels. It has its own wire shifter, so it can coil wire uniformly. Different types are available for smooth, continuous variable speed operation from low to high speed.

Motorized ship winch


Type Drum capacity Roll-up capability
Power Operation method Speed control range Size
TS-F15 Φ6.4mm×3000m 7.84kN×60m/min AC220V 60Hz 3Φ Inverter control by lever operation Unauthorized continuous control from 0 to maximum (W)1450×(D)1445×(H)1805
TS-F5 Φ4mm×2000m 2.16kN×65m/min Inverter control by dial operation (W)960×(D)1235×(H)1460
TS-F2 Φ3mm×1000m 1.0kN×65m/min (W)585×(D)640×(H)1050
TS-F1 Φ3mm×500m 0.7kN×35m/min Inverter control by volume (W)525×(D)580×(H)655
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.