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LCD cable length, speed, and tension meter

Assesses winch operation conditions and assists with accurate operation

This meter can be attached to a winch to detect and display the cable’s tension, winding/unwinding length, winding/unwinding speed, and more. It uses a transflective LCD screen with LED backlighting, so it offers exceptional visibility in both sunlit outdoor locations and indoor locations. Additional information such as CTD depth can also be displayed. This meter can also be combined with a remote control panel.


Indicator panel



Meter installed on winch

  • This product is an optional component for winches.


Input Rotary encoder(DC12V),Load Cell(DC5V)
Display length, speed, tension meter
I/F RS485/422
(For remote control panel or external device communication)
Power AC100V±10% 20W
Operating temperature -5~50℃
Case SUS304、(W)256×(D)100×(H)155
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice.