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An observation winch that helps ensure the success of ship research activities 2021.07.21

Winch for marine observation


Marine observation ships require winches which support a variety of measurement devices and which can be used to execute observation plans even in inclement weather. Our history of winch manufacturing at Tsurumi-Seiki dates back to 1928, when we began domestically manufacturing Sigsby winches, which were previously only manufactured overseas. Since then, we’ve been involved in the design and manufacture of various marine observation winches, and we’ve supplied observation winches that help ensure the success of ship research activities.


Japan Coast Guard new large survey ship construction project

For the first time in roughly 20 years, the Japan Coast Guard commissioned the construction of large survey ships in order to strengthen its marine research capabilities. These ships are the largest in the Japan Coast Guard’s fleet. The survey ships are roughly 4,000 ton ships with state-of-the-art research equipment and devices such as autonomous underwater vehicles and autonomous surface vehicles. They required marine observation winches with capabilities that matched those of the newly constructed ships.

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Custom-made marine observation winches

We delivered custom-made marine observation winches that met the demanding requirements of the Heiyo and Koyo survey ships. The Heiyo was put into operation in January 2021, followed by the Koyo in March. Our marine observation winches are used in the research activities of both ships.

Winch for marine observation


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