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Automatic monitoring to manage the quality of water quality resources 2021.07.21

DWQM(Dam Water Quality Monitor System)


In addition to our marine observation products, we have also provided water quality monitoring services for dams and rivers since 1977. In order to appropriately manage water quality resources, which are closely tied to our daily lives, we supply sensors and measurement devices that can perform water quality monitoring for dams and rivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Automatic monitoring to maintain the quality of water quality resources

Japan’s water quality resources are used for diverse purposes — not just as drinking water, but also for day to day living, industrial applications, and agriculture. Greater attention is being placed on the impact of the phenomenon of water quality change, and water quality resources, the foundations of our lives, are growing in importance. Sediment disasters caused by heavy rain produce long-term turbidity.

Sludge from domestic wastewater builds up. Eutrophication occurs as water temperatures rise due to sunlight. It is vital that we rapidly detect changes in the natural environment such as these and assess their impacts on the environment, water usage, plants and animals, and marine products. Municipal governments are using clear indicators to monitor water quality and maintain the quality of dam and river water.

They require monitoring equipment that can work consistently even in the face of typhoons, heavy snows, or other inclement weather.

Supplying automatic multiparameter water quality monitoring systems

We supply freshwater monitoring devices that can measure multiple parameters used in water quality monitoring, such as turbidity, water temperature, pH , dissolved oxygen (DO), chlorophyll a, ultraviolet (UV) sensor, electrical conductivity, and water depth.

These sturdy automatic monitoring systems and monitoring devices are provided for use in dams, rivers, and river mouth weirs nationwide. They are used to manage and maintain water quality, providing people with safe, rich lives.

KW2B Sensor device

Sensor device


Elevation system to the dam


Floatation equipment for floating in a dam lake. (Solar-powered buoy)

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