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  3. Motorized winch | For terrestrial observation use

Motorized winch | For terrestrial observation use

Install within intake towers or floats in reservoirs, etc., to perform measurement for everything from surface layers to bottom layers

Detectors and raising/lowering apparatus can be combined to perform measurement at each water depth in the vertical direction (depth). Optimal measurement equipment and systems can be built based on actual measurement locations.

Installation in intake towers, etc.

Guide rails and wires can be attached and motorized winches can be used to raise and lower sensors and perform measurement automatically using sequences defined in advance.

 Motorized winch for terrestrial observation(T.S.K.)tsurumi-seiki

Motorized winch for terrestrial observation


Raising the sensor

Raising the sensor

Installation in floats or buoys

The device can be installed on floats or buoys to perform long-term measurement at desired locations on lake surfaces. The data acquired from the meter can be transmitted over wires (such as optical fiber cables) or wirelessly (using industrial telemeters, specified low power radio transmission, Wi-Fi, etc.) to water quality data processing devices.

Solar cell (DC) float installation in a reservoir

Solar cell (DC) float installation in a reservoir


Power DC (solar cell) type AC (external power supply) type
Winding capacity 0.35kN
Winding method Alignment winding with threaded shaft
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.