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Multi-item monitoring sensor

Product Code:KW-2

An all-in-one sensor unit for multiparameter water quality monitoring

This freshwater monitoring device can measure multiple parameters, such as turbidity, water temperature, pH , dissolved oxygen (DO), electrical conductivity, and water depth. It contains a wiper to remove all detritus each time measurement is performed, providing stable data.

* Chlorophyll a meters and UV meters are available as optional components. They are enclosed in a separate housing.

KW2B Sensor device

Sensor device

Measurement Accuracy

Item Range Accuracy Method
Turbidity 0 to 1000 degrees(KW-2A type)
0 to 2000 degrees(KW-2B type)
±2% (F.S.) Integrating spherical(KW-2A type)
Backscattered light(KW-2B type)
Water temperature -1040℃ ±0.2℃ Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
pH 212 ±0.2 Glass electrode
DO 020mg/L ±0.4mg/L Fluorescence
Electrical conductivity 0100mS/m ±3% (F.S.) Electromagnetic induction
Depth of water 050m ±0.2m Pressure sensor
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice.