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  3. Organic pollution monitor UV meter

Organic pollution monitor UV meter

A water quality meter that measures the absorption of ultraviolet by organic substances in water

COD, an indicator of water quality in reservoirs and rivers, can be rapidly assessed using absorption photometry (the substitution method). This immersion-type meter can be used to perform monitoring of water quality along the vertical axis (depth).

  • It uses two wavelength, four light path absorption photometry to eliminate interference produced by turbidity. Immersion monitoring makes it possible to rapidly obtain data.
  • It contains a wiper to remove all detritus each time measurement is performed, providing stable data.

Measurement Accuracy

Range 0.0~0.5Abs(COD conversion 0~50mg/l)※1
Accuracy ±5% F.S ※2
Method Two wavelengths,Four-light path absorption spectrophotometry
  • ※1Converting differential light absorption into COD requires a calibration curve set in comparison to the official method of analysis.
  • ※2This indicates the accuracy when using standard solution calibration (with potassium hydrogen phthalate solution). Accuracy in comparison to the official method of analysis varies on the amount of deviation, etc., from the calibration curve.
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice.