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Turbidity and water temperature meter

A water quality meter that measures water temperature and turbidity

This water quality meter can be used for long-term monitoring (constant monitoring) of aeration and circulation equipment, selective intake equipment, water conveyance, and weirs for reservoirs and rivers. The device can be installed on float buoys to perform long-term measurement at desired locations on lake surfaces.

  • The data acquired from the meter can be transmitted over wires (such as optical fiber cables) or wirelessly (using industrial telemeters, specified low power radio transmission, Wi-Fi, etc.) to water quality data processing devices.
  • It contains a wiper to remove all detritus each time measurement is performed, providing stable data. Various measurement methods are available, from low to high concentrations, depending on the water quality and how the device is to be used.

Measurement Accuracy

Item Turbidity Water Temperature
Range 0~2000FTU -10~40℃
Accuracy ±2% F.S ±0.2℃
Method Integrating spherical
backscattered light
Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector

Example of raising/lowering usage at a reservoir

The device can be combined with a motorized winch to assess water quality conditions in reservoirs. Lifting, lowering, and measurement can be performed automatically using sequences defined in advance. This makes it possible to obtain information about water quality along the vertical axis (at each water depth). In rivers, the device can be installed in a fixed position to measure turbidity and water temperature at inflowing or effluent streams.

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