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Automatic Launcher ALM12

Product Code:ALM12

Compatible with all probes. Simple system configuration and easy operation with touch panel.

ALM12 (Auto Lancher Modernization 12) is a shipboard device that enables automatic dropping of oceanographic probes (XBT/XSV/XCTD). Because probe dropping is fully automated and computer-controlled, this system reduces labor costs associated with probe observations and contributes to oceanographic operations. The system is used on oceanographic observation vessels, icebreakers, naval vessels, and other vessels because it allows operations to be conducted in rough weather and at night. CE marking compliant and can be used in the EU region.

Main Features

  • Direct control of PC eliminates the launcher controller outside the main body.
  • Compatible with all probes. Touch panel for improved operability.
  • Fully compliant with CE marking.

ALM12 Main unit

Part names and functions

1, probe loading port : Load probes or eject used canisters. 2, Earth leakage breaker (also serves as main power switch) 3, Emergency stop switch 4,Touch panel display 5, Release pin collection port 6, Cable Ground 7, Terminal block 8, Dram : Maximum 12 ea probe of XBT or XCTD can be loaded in the dram. 9, Launch tube : A launch tube can be installed at the back side of the unit, where is over the water surface. 10, Collection port for the release pins.

Comparison with conventional model

Block Diagram

Direct control of PC eliminates the launcher controller outside the main body, allowing direct connection via an RS422 interface converter. A dedicated application to control the ALM12 is required to use it.

All probes can be mounted & Adoption of touch panel

The previous model could install only 6 types of probes at the maximum. However, this new Auto Laucher can install all type of probes by selecting the touch panel.

Fully compliant with CE marking

CE marking compliant and can be used in the EU region. ALM12 enables products to comply with Three laws.

1,Directive 2006/42/EU : Machinery(MD) 2,Directive 2014/30/EU : Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)3, Directive 2011/65/EU : Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances(RoHS)


Product Comparison ALM12 AL12(Previous Model)
Size Lanuch unit W615×D780×H750 mm W590×D750×H760mm
Control unit Not equipped W430×D354.2×H102mm
Power* AC230V / 50Hz / 500VA (Single-phase two-wire system) AC100V / 50Hz(60Hz) 500VA (Step-down transformer included)
Body weight about 130kg
Probe loading 12 pcs.
Type of probe XBT : T-4,T-5,Fast Deep,T-6,T-7, DeepBlue,T-10,T-11 Up to 6 types from the list on the left
XSV : -01,-02,-03
XCTD :  -1N,-2N,-3N,-4N
Environmental condition 0~55°C, Do not be submerged 0~50°C, Do not be submerged
Compliance with regulations RoHS, REACH, CE-Marking Not supported
  • *Rush current about 2 to 5 times more flows at startup.
  • The CE Mark is a standard conformity mark that is attached to products that meet the standards of EU member countries.
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice.