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eXpendable Bathy Thrermograph

Product Code:XBT

Instantly measure seawater temperatures while the ship is in motion

The eXpendable Bathy Thermograph is a system that performs seawater measurement by deploying  a probe. It can be used to perform measurement even in poor sea conditions. It makes it easy to perform sea temperature observation even on vessels without observation equipment.

The XBT system measures water temperatures by dropping a sensor (probe) into the water.


  • XBT water temperature detection is performed using a high performance disk thermistor. Changes in water temperature are measured through the changes in the thermistor’s resistance.
  • The data measured by the probe is transmitted via a signal wire which is connected to the launcher by a canister. The probe drop depth is automatically calculated based on how much time has elapsed since the probe was placed into the water, using the user-selected drop method.


Item Temperature
Range -2~35℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃
Resolution 0.01℃

XBT probe


Type Measuring Depth (m) Ship Speed (knots) Measuring Time (sec.)
T-10 300 10 50
T-6 460 15 75
T-4 460 30 75
T-7 760 15 120
760 20 120
T-5 1830 6 295
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice.


Inquiries regarding eXpendable systems

Please provide the following information when contacting us with inquiries.

  • Type of probe used
  • Serial number
  • Converter/launcher configuration