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Deep NINJA | T.S.K Profiling Float

Product Code:Deep NINJA

Independent profiling float capable of measurement at depths of up to 4,000 m

Deep NINJA is the world’s first deep sea profiling float, jointly developed by JAMSTEC and Tsurumi-Seiki. It is used in Argo, an international program that aims to observe changes in the world’s seas in real time. Deep NINJA uses buoyancy control to sink, drift, or rise in the water. It performs water temperature, salinity, and pressure profile measurement while floating and  can detect its own position on the sea surface and transmit data when surfaced.

deepninja detail

Buoyancy control and transmission


  • Deep NINJA controls its buoyancy using an internal buoyancy engine. When put into operation, it operates automatically based on settings configured in advance. It is powered by internal lithium batteries, and it can repeat all operations, including sinking and rising, multiple times.
  • It also contains an internal satellite positioning device and a satellite communication device. When it rises to the surface, it can use GPS to determine its own location and it can transmit data to and from devices on land via Iridium satellite communications. Measurement depths and intervals can be configured before the Deep NINJA is put into operation. These settings can also be changed via satellite communications once it is operating.

Configurable parameters

Various observation patterns can be configured by setting parameters. Operation patterns can also be changed from the land after observation has begun.

Deepninja paramette

deepninja pattern

deepninja functions

deepninja functions


Operation Depth 4000m
Pressure hull Aluminum alloy
Length Approx. 210cm (including antenna)
Max.diameter Approx.250mm
Weight Approx.50kg (in air)
Positioning GPS positioning at surfacing
Data transfer IRIDIUM Short Burst Data
Batteriies Lithium battery
Onboard sensor SBE41CP 7000m …etc
  • Iridium short burst data requires a data communications service contract. Usage fees apply.
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.