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Microwave wave height meter

Product Code:WM-2

Continuous wave height measurement and recording from vessels at sea, offshore towers, and river mouth weirs

The WM-2 microwave wave height meter can measure and record continuous wave height data from ships, offshore towers, and other offshore platforms. The detector can measure wave heights without direct contact with sea water.

Example wave height meter configuration

The system is composed of a detector (a sensor unit and an accelerometer), a relay component, and a computation component. The data from the detector can be used to calculate various statistical analysis values. For moving platforms such as ships, the accelerometer detects the movement component. This makes it possible to perform continuous actual wave height measurement even while the ship is in motion.



Type Type X Type K
Method Microwave Doppler Radar
Measured Wave Height Range 0 ~±14.5 m 0 ~±10.0 m
Wave Height Resolution 1.45cm 0.62cm
Antenna gain 19dBi 21dBi
Micro Wave Frequency 10.525 GHz 24.11 GHz
Micro Wave Transmitted Output 15mW (typ.) less than 10mW (typ.)
Installable maximum height from sea surface 20m 10m
Wave Height Precision Less than 10% of measured value
Measured Wave Period Range Up to 20 sec.
Power AC110V+20V、-10V  50~60Hz
  • In addition to real-time waveforms for actual wave heights, etc., it can also output statistical analysis values such as significant wave heights. Various computation components are available depending on output content needs.

Arithmetic comparison

Output Data Method Method Line up of Signal Processor
WM2-01 WM2-02 WM2-03 WM2-04
Real Time Wave Real Wave Height Analog waveform signal output
RS-232C Digital signal (Sampling data of analog signal)
Radar Wave Height Analog waveform signal output
Ship Displacement Analog waveform signal output
Statistics analysis value Significant Wave Height Analog DC signal output proportional to a statistics analysis value
Digital display on front panel
Encounter Average Period Analog DC signal output proportional to a statistics analysis value
Digital display on front panel
  • Software is also available for computer data processing. Please consult with us regarding any requests concerning system installation methods, data processing, or the like.
  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.
  • Spurious regulations should be complied with in the country where this device is used.