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ニュースProduct news

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XBT/XCTD System Components2017.05.01

The T.S.K. expendable profiling systems allow the collection of highly accurate oceanographic data from moving platforms. They produce cost effective profiles of ocean conditions from ships, airplanes and submarines. For all the expendable models, depth is calculated from the known drop rate of the hydrodynamically shaped probes.


We have built a factory in Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture in 1987 for the manufacture of the expendable products. It’s established is successful in enriching capability of the expendable sensor production and in enhancing quality assurance system. XCTD patents granted in the USA, Canada, England, Norway and Japan.

System Components

  • eXpendable Bathy Thermographs
  • eXpendable Conductivity, Temperature & Depth
  • Data Acquisition and Processing Equipment

XCTD Data example

XCTD systems shipped from April 2021 have a new XCTD probe design.

New XCTD label

Please review the changes resulting from the changes to the XCTD’s circuit board and the procedures for checking and updating the Windows software in order to be able to use the new XCTD.

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