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Observation by Deep NINJA Antarctic Bottom Water is Rapidly Diminishing2018.10.12

Dr. Taiyo Kobayashi at Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology has found that the density of the Antarctic bottom water (AABW) off Adélie / Geroge V land cost has decreased at the rapid rate since 2011. It was examined through the observation with Deep Float “Deep Ninja” and historical graphic survey.

According to Dr. Kobayashi, the most likely reason for the large change in the AABW is the collapse of the Merts Glacier Tongue. The rapid contraction of the AABW could be due to the reduced supply of the Adélie Land Bottom Water (ALNW) after calving and associated decrease in sea ice production. 

The decrease in AABW is believed to have the influence on not only the sea around that area but also the ocean general circulation, climate system and material circulation. It is important to keep the continuous and careful research and analysis for the prediction of future.

Deep Ninja is contributing for acquiring the data which supports the analysis on daily basis.


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