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River upstream salinity intrusion monitoring to protect the water people use in their daily lives 2021.07.21

Upstream salinity intrusion monitoring device


Rivers nationwide perform water utilization and water control management by using river mouth weirs to manage the influx of seawater into rivers during high tides. River mouth weirs control salinity by opening or closing gates, to the extent that this can be done without affecting water usage upstream. Tsurumi-Seiki’s salinity meters and monitoring equipment are used to accurately assess salinity intrusion and manage salinity in rivers.


Monitoring upstream salinity intrusion

There has been growing concern in recent years about salt damage and other negative effects on water usage and environments caused by the growth of salinity intrusion areas, driven by heavy rains resulting from climate change and high tides caused by rising sea levels. Failure to manage salinity intrusion could diminish the availability of drinking water and harm the ecosystems of freshwater plants and animals.

For rivers whose beds are below sea level (such as the Tone River), when the sea level rises at high tide, the flow of seawater overpowers the flow of the river, so seawater flows upstream. People who use river water will find themselves drinking salty water and rice paddies will wither (due to salt damage).

To prevent this salt damage, river mouth weirs are constructed and water flow is managed while monitoring water quality conditions based on appropriate monitoring parameters. This requires salinity monitoring equipment that can be used long-term to monitor salinity intrusion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Upstream salinity intrusion monitoring device

Automatic monitoring of river salinity intrusion

We supply monitoring equipment that is installed and operated long-term, combining salinity meters, solar cells, and transmission components. This equipment provides steady data even for rivers with quality issues such as biofouling or flotsam.

saltpeter monitoring device

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