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  3. Vertical Multiple-opening Plankton Sampler

Vertical Multiple-opening Plankton Sampler

Product Code:VMPS

The VMPS is a plankton sampler to be used by vertical towing. Four layers of sampling are possible in a single tow by using T.S.K’s winch system and armored cable, which are built for ocean observation. With an optionally equipped CTD sensor, the real time data of depth and CT values can be seen in the PC screen on the vessel.


Underwater unit

Plankton net Inner Diameter 500mm×500mm
Length 2500mm
Net fabric NGG544,NXX13…etc
Net frame Material SUS304 Stainless Alloy
Size 800mm×1150mm×460mm
Weight 85kg
Accessory equipment Underwater controller,Trigger Unit,Flow meter,Net position sensor
Depth sensor Method Semiconductor Straingauge
Range 0~3000m  (Option: 6000m is available)
Accuracy ±20m(±40m)

On-deck unit

Size 300mm×100mm×260mm
Weight approx.7kg


  • The above specification values are reference values, and are subject to change without prior notice. Detailed specifications will be provided after consultation.