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ニュースNotice from T.S.K

ニュースNotice from T.S.K

Notice from T.S.K

Renewal of the corporate logo2021.04.26

For the first time in 40 years, Tsurumi Seiki Co., Ltd. will renew its logo, which has been used for both services and corporate purposes to expand corporate recognition. With the new logo, we will continue to provide new values and solutions for the next generation.

The symbol of Tsurumi Seiki is a orca flying across the blue sea. This symbol represents our strong desire to be like the orca, the smartest creature in the ocean, curious, active, and challenging.

New Corporate Logo



Old Corporate Logo

The new logo will begin to be used sequentially in April 2021. The existing logo on the interior and exterior of products already manufactured will continue to be used.

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